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ஞாயிறு, 4 ஆகஸ்ட், 2013

Abu Dhabi Driving Road Test Tips

Before starts, you have to follow the 3 rule, 1. Adjust the Seat, 2. Adjust the Mirrors and last but  not least 3. Wear Seat Belt. then go for below points.

1.Drive confidently in a relaxed mood at a good speed. Examiners don’t like driving too slow.
2. Always make use of indicators and mirrors while start maneuvering, turning, and approaching a road or intersection.
3. Never change lane unless you are asked to do so. However, shift to low speed lane after taking a U-turn in fast lane from a roundabout.
4. Never start changing your lane while making the ‘shoulder and mirrors’ check. Start moving after completing the check.
5. Speed up your vehicle immediately (within speed limit) after changing lane from slow to fast one.
6. When turning on a main road from secondary road at T-junction, wait until approach is safe and road is clear ahead.
7. After entering the main road from T-junction or intersection, immediately speed up your vehicle to drive the vehicle at a good speed.
8. On roundabouts, slow up your vehicle. After taking exit from the roundabout, immediately speed up your vehicle to drive the vehicle at a good speed.
9. Never enter a roundabout unless you find no vehicle coming from your left side.
10. Change the lane only when there is no fast vehicle coming in the desired lane. Ignore examiner’s order to do so if there is no safe way for doing so. He will appreciate your decision.
11. Always park your car parallel to the road when asked to park by the examiner. Never park in front of any entrance, gate or side road. Use hazard lights if enough space is not available for opening the driving side doors.
12. While exiting from roundabout, always make a shoulder check.
13. Never change lane / or give signal opposite or before a. parking, b. crossing / any entrance road.
14. Always cont indicator while change lane unless if there is any vehicle in a desired lane.
15. While changing lane, first check center, side mirror and do shoulder check, than give indicator and change lane.


By Abu Sana. 

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